Work With Me

Salad Dressings & Sauces

I sell a variety of homemade and wholesome salad dressing and sauces that enhance the nutrients and taste of a blend of veggies. Contact me for an order and give it a try!


Whats a day without a sweet? Come try my delicious and homemade sweets! Message me for orders or goody bags of sweets!


I have served happy hours and birthday parities with my fudge brownies, homemade veggie dipping sauces, and roasted vegetable platters. I have also been on site for athletes and parents questions, and have talked about pre/post workout nutrition.

Meal Prep

I can prep a week worth’s of lunch and breakfast meals for you and your family. These meals are portable and extremely healthy and NEVER boring. Contact me so we can plan a week of healthy meals together!

Cooking Workshop

I can teach you how to prep vegetable and ingredients, and create delicious and healthy meals. I addition, can show you how to shop smart in the grocery store and farmers market, the fundamentals of nutrition, and how to cook wholesome meals.

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